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Wounded Warrior Project Alumni Program

The Alumni program provides long-term support and camaraderie for Wounded Warriors through events, discounted services, and an online community. No dues here - you paid those on the battlefield. We have a wide range of complimentary programs and events designed to give you the ongoing support you need to heal from your experiences. Since many fellow warriors face similar challenges, our Alumni program provides warriors with long-term support through communication, events, and networking.

In addition to all WWP programs and services, WWP alumni have access to Alumni Events & Activities throughout the year. Participate in Alumni sporting events, educational sessions, personal and professional development summits, and recreational activities. Since helping others is instrumental in the healing process, as an alumnus, you may also support activities and events for newly injured service members. Click on the below link to begin the registration process.

Hand-Made Quilt

A hand-made quilt from the 2013 Pull for Our Veterans Fun Shoot.

Trap Field

Fun shoot particpants on one for the three trap fields.

Fun Shoot Participants

Several of the participants from the 2013 Fun Shoot.