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2017 Fun Shoot

2017 Fun Shoot Results and Pictures

On September 22 & 23, 2017, the Pull For Our Veterans organization hosted the 6th annual Skeet and Trap Fun Shoot shoot in Oak Ridge, TN. All proceeds from the fun shoot are donated to the Smoky Mountain Service Dogs.

At the 2017 shoot, there were 61 shooters who pre-registered in the event. Event registration was $100.00 per shooter of which 100% goes directly to the Smoky Mountain Service Dogs. Shooters received a hat and t-shirt commenorating the event, all of which were donated by our generous sponsors. Saturday evening featured a dinner, silent auction, and a special guest speaker from Smoky Mountain Service Dogs.

The event raised $32,000 for the Smoky Mountain Service Dogs charity.

PFOV Results
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